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Bamboo construction

Bamboo… this durable and resistant material is opening a new tendency among new constructions, it is more and more appreciated because its beauty and unreachable qualities in the construction area.

Constructions made with bamboo can be very durable if it is well immunized and well selected trying to have the best quality of the material. Bambu Tico guarantees the material and besides, the company offers to build houses, gazebos or kiosks, special structures, installation of roofs and ceilings. All these services are given with a responsible environment providing to our clients the security and support that have been our commitment for 30 years of using bamboo as a material.

Construcción con bambú -Bamboo construction

Suggestions to use bamboo correctly:

  • It is necessary to have trained people for the structural design.
  • It is extremely important to choose material that has been previously immunized and matured enough for the project.
  • It is necessary to store bamboo before to be used. It has to be place in a very fresh area. This important to avoid the humidity. It is important to be vertically placed.
  • The thickness of the wall and bamboo diameter varies all along the pole. It is necessary to take into consideration the correct use and where to place the material in order to take advantage of all of it.
  • It is not advisable to place the bamboo in a humid area. It is better to have it in a base of cement at least one meter high. To avoid humidity from the soil.
  • Bamboo should not be attached using nails or tacks used for wood. Instead, staples or nails with a pneumatic nail gun to avoid scratches on the material.
  • For finishing, it can be applied a product to avoid humidity from the environment but at the same time that pores can be opened to expel the humidity from inside.

Advantages of using bamboo for construction

Bamboo materials - Bamboo construction

• Bamboo is a light material due to its circular form and the empty cavities which make it easy to manipulate. Besides, it is easy to store and transport which let to build faster than using other type of materials.

• Because its physical characteristics, bamboo is a very strong material and flexible at the same time. It is a very high anti-earthquake material, very reliable. It can be bended without damages. Besides, it can be used in every type of structures.

• Bamboo has fibers which let it be cut horizontally or across in different pieces and sizes. These cuts can be done with very simple tools.

• Bamboo has a very attractive color tone and its skin is very smooth, it does not need to be polished.

• Bamboo’s cane can be used all.

• The construction using bamboo can be combined with other materials such as wood, metal and others.

• From the parts of the bamboo that are not used in structures are derived different materials that are used for panels, countertops, etc.

•Bamboo continues as the top material for construction because of its price.

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